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South Sudanese Girls Empowerment Front (SSGEF) is founded on May 28, 2020, The organization started by providing STEM program services to local South Sudanese girls residing in the middle Tennessee area.  The purpose of, SSGEF is to empower young girls by mentoring and encouraging them to develop an interest in the fields of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). mentorship services are modified and/ or custom made to accommodate the specific needs of the participants. 


The South Sudanese Girls Empowerment Front aim is to inspire young girls to fearlessly pursue, thrive and advance in STEM fields by Providing educational support, professional developments and, prepare them to becoming innovative and leaders in their local and/ or global community.



Our objectives are to lead in empowerments, contribute, and thrive in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

To create a world of equal opportunity in STEM workforce, close STEM educational gaps, cultural berries of demonizing girl rights of educational freedoms, and early child marriages. 


WE ARE SISTERS; we are here to Shatter stereotypes and instill confidence.

We are here to surround girls with others girls who have STEM experiences.

We are here to unlock the power of collaboration, and introduce girls to role models within in SS community. We are here to encourage girls to follow their dreams.

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