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  1. To provide outreach programs for (young girls), STEM mentoring ship will be the forefront of our focus and the driving forces to our success for the local and or aboard.  

  2. SSGEF (Partners with mothers to support their daughters and encourage them to reach their full potential).

  3. To provide facilities, equipment and trained SSGEF team for participation in innovations scientific competitions etc.

  4. To provide opportunities to network with successful women in STEM field, Collaborate with other nonprofit organizations.

  5. To provide participants to engage in teen empowerment programs, STEM conferences, workshops, leadership training promoting entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness for knowledge advancement needed to succeed in STEM careers.

  6. To sponsor, host and/ or participate in events and activities that promote STEM field locally and/ or aboard for a chance to learn and explore opportunity in the field of STEM.

  7. Connect them to opportunities to advance themselves so they can later become leaders in their community and advance other girls behind them.

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